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Explore Nature Through Tours and Presentations

Learn From an Experienced Tour Guide and Public Speaker

Explore Nature Through Tours and Presentations

Learn From an Experienced Tour Guide and Public Speaker

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Welcome, Animal Lovers, Travelers, and Adventurers!

GoingWild.org will serve you well with informative, entertaining information that every traveler should know or should want to know. Check it out, and good travels!

– Brian Keating



Calgary Chamber

“The image of the Chamber has always been ‘stuffy’ over the decades and we wanted to show a fun side. I think your presentation hit the spot.”

Aggie Legaspi

Bow Valley College

“We were just enthralled listening to Brian – his knowledge & enthusiasm. We all felt that he set the tone of excitement for the whole conference”

Victoria Debert

Servus Wealth Strategies

“I wanted to thank you again for your amazing presentation last night. Your passion, experiences and admiration comes out in your presentations and that is what makes it so great. Be proud of what you do and what you are part of.”

David C. Pezderic

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation 87th AGM

“Your presentation was superb. Funny, contemplative and animated. We loved it. One of our best-ever keynotes. Folks were talking about it all weekend. Thx so much and a distinct pleasure to meet you.”

Deborah Harford

School of Public Policy, SFU

“May I say again how much I loved your talk! Funny, provocative, moving, inspiring – one of the best conference keynotes I have had the privilege to enjoy for a long while! Thanks so much”

Yvonne Fredrich

Calgary Parks & Rec Conference

“I am always amazed at how seamlessly you manage to bring the group you are presenting to into your presentations. It is definitely a skill well-honed.”

Andrea Smith

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation Gala

“You are absolutely captivating as a speaker. If you weren’t so dedicated to wildlife, you would have been a very successful stand-up comedian!”

Kathi Kerbes

Alberta Theatre Projects

“I heard you on CBC yesterday on my way home from work. Fantastic penguin information – and the picture in my head of you sitting by the chin strap penguin was fabulous. And the seal molting! Wow. I always love hearing your magnificently passionate tales”

Larry Day

Pyramid Productions

“Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this adventure of a lifetime, my seventh continent–penguins, seals, zodiacs, ice, the ocean. I will forever be in your debt for your irrepressible good humour, incomparable expertise and above all, your generosity of spirit. Many, many thanks.”

Michelle Jolley

Portfolio Strategies Corporation

“I have had so many clients call to rave about you and your presentation. Thanks so much for making our evening one to remember by all who came”

Environmental Services Association of Alberta

"Each year for the past 6 years at our annual conference, Brian brings new stories of great adventures to our delegates. His delivery not only entertains but educates. Consistently our delegates rate him as a highlight of the event.”

Red Deer Catholic School

“You have a gift Brian, of being able to transport people to amazing places in the world, by connecting people’s hearts and minds to your presentation.”

Chamber of Commerce, Calgary

“The image of the Chamber has always been ‘stuffy’ over the decades and we wanted to show a fun side. Your presentation hit the spot. “

Heritage Community Foundation, Edmonton

“You are truly irrepressible and a marvelous spokesman for nature.”

Simon Fraser Staff & Students

“The inspiration to go hiking and climbing is overwhelming. Thank you for showing our school the beauty, majesty and fragility of our own backyard.“

Animal Resource Centre, University of Calgary

“Your wonderful presentation was a fantastic way to conclude a very successful conference…you were an integral part of an informative and entertaining conference.”