Explore Nature With Brian's Going Wild Books

Brian has written five books celebrating nature, his most recent one featuring “Islands.”

Designed for ages 8–14, these books are real-life stories of wildlife exploration and adventure, designed to get children excited about exploring this amazing world we live in.

“Going Wild was hard to put down, but the best part is knowing this is only the first in a series of eight titles.” Highly recommended, review by BC’s Gillian Richardson, a freelance writer and former teacher-librarian.

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Amazing Animal Adventures on Islands

‘Islands’ is the fifth of eight books designed to encourage children to get out there and explore. Describing the life that lives on these islands and their importance to local ecology, Keating sweeps his readers up under his wing, simultaneously passing along his passion for the world’s wildlife and making a wonderful case for wildlife conservation. Once again, Brian Keating’s high-energy, creative storytelling makes this book a must-read.

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Amazing Animal Adventures in Rivers

‘Rivers’ is the fourth of eight books of incredible volumes in the groundbreaking Going Wild series, written for children to encourage them to explore the natural world around them. Brian Keating’s high-energy enthusiasm for the wonders of nature is contagious, inspiring children and adults alike to discover, through his eyes, how rivers and the riparian areas around them are ribbons of wilderness inhabited by the most amazing animals and plants. Keating grew up fascinated by rivers, those in his own backyard and ones further afield.

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Amazing Animal Adventures in the Desert

Narrated by Calgary Zoo’s world-renowned nature devotee and conservationist Brian Keating, nine wonderful true tales of incredible desert wildlife adaptations and inconceivable feats of desert survival unfold on the pages of this book. Amazing Animal Adventures in the Desert is the third of eight exciting volumes in the groundbreaking Going Wild series, written for children to encourage them to explore the natural world around them.

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Amazing Animal Adventures at the Poles: Going Wild

The second of eight books in the Fifth House Going Wild children’s nonfiction adventure series, the “Poles” presents world-famous naturalist Brian Keating’s amazing-but-true first-hand accounts of his travels in the world’s remote polar regions. Seemingly devoid at first glance of all but the most basic of flora and fauna, the Arctic and Antarctic lands and waters are actually full of exciting natural wonders and fascinating creatures that must be seen to be believed!

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Amazing Animal Adventures Around the World

Shortlisted for the 2005 Silver Birch Awards – this book is an inspiration for young animal lovers as they cultivate their excitement for the animal world. Exploring some amazing wildlife areas on all seven continents, this was Brian’s first book and has been a top seller ever since.