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Brian’s Engaging Nature Presentations

About Brian’s Presentation Style

Brian is one of those rare speakers who immediately captures your attention, totally entertains you, and educates you about the natural world in the most delightful manner possible, always leaving his audience with a real sense of gain and insight. His presentations are often considered the highlight of many conferences and events and have been described as eloquent, passionate, and humorous.

He is in high demand as a speaker, averaging 50 events a year. He educates and entertains business executives, all types of professionals, schoolchildren, and nature lovers all around the world. Attending one of Brian’s presentations is a treat not to be missed.

To book Brian or inquire about speaking dates or costs, contact Brian at [email protected].

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To book Brian or inquire about speaking dates or costs, contact Brian at [email protected].

Here are four of his top-requested presentations.

A Natural Relationship

To highlight what has been termed the “Nature Deficit Disorder,” Brian intends to take you on a journey exploring the importance of the natural experience, the effects on health and psychological well-being, and the basic need to stay connected with the very substance that makes us human. Brian will take you on a visual journey to some very special places to illustrate his discussion on the importance of ‘unplugging’ and getting outside. Using his informative and often humorous method of live-narrated video, he promises to share some very special natural moments, guaranteed to drive home the message that a greener planet is not only nice but necessary for our very survival.

A Little Sex, a Little Adventure, and a Bit of Passion

Please excuse the title, but it’s all true. This is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the Calgary Zoo that make working there one remarkable experience. Brian Keating will take you on an adventure that only he can tell because he was there, watching and filming, right in the thick of things. By persistence, good planning, and plain old dumb luck, Keating happened upon more than you’ll bargain for during this sometimes humorous, often profound, and highly personal presentation.

Cold Leadership

Ernest Shackleton was an extraordinary Antarctic leader, and he somehow managed to beat all possible odds during a two-year struggle for survival. What lessons can he teach us about life and leadership? How could his ice-bound situation of courage and endurance give us insights into the possibilities for our own future? Brian will take you into the icy waters of the Antarctic using his informative style of live-narrated videos to retrace Shackleton’s route and to witness the life-abundance of this last great wilderness, exploring this hauntingly beautiful ice scape.

Going Wild

A spirit-lifting journey into some of the planet’s best wilderness locations. Brian has explored some 50 countries on all 7 continents. His passion for remote travel will be revealed, as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of storytelling. Using humour and personal anecdotes, and his own live-narrated video segments, he’ll take you into gin-clear ocean depths with unbelievable creatures, to deserts and rich tropical forests, and to places where wildlife numbers leave one overwhelmed and amazed. To conclude, he’ll return to our own Canadian backyard, reconfirming the value of our wild spaces. This presentation is designed to inspire and enthuse, offering hope for a better tomorrow.

Other Favorite Presentations

For detailed abstracts of the presentations listed below, please contact Brian at his email address above.

Secret Springs

Sixty kilometres from the nearest permanent water, a cool, clear spring bubbles up from the ground throughout the dry season, creating a life-giving water source for thousands of mammals and millions of birds. This is a remarkable story of the value of clean, clear water and the raw struggle of life.

Islands of Time

Remote islands, especially large tropical islands, have some of the planet’s most beautiful yet strangest life forms. The adventure is a showcase of evolution and an example of ecological fragility that reaches very close to home.

Three Women, Three Animals

Brian looks at three species of African animals (gorillas, chimps, and elephants) and the three women researchers (Fossey, Goodall, and Moss) who have dedicated their lives to their study. He’ll discuss the animals and the researchers themselves, illustrating behaviours of success of both human and non-human.

Searching for The Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzees of Africa

A journey into the wilds of Rwanda, the Congo, and Tanzania to find and observe wild gorillas and chimpanzees—a very buoyant and sometimes humorous story that takes place in a fascinating part of tropical Africa.

Alpine High life

A high-energy adventure that blends and compares wildlife adaptations to our own everyday survival abilities. It’s a story that passionately illustrates the pure joy of life in high places. (Note: The video segment of this presentation was recently revised and updated. This talk has been one of his longest-standing and most successful of his presentations).

The Wild Elephants of Africa

Since 1983, Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, have led yearly safari excursions into over a dozen African countries, accumulating over three years of bush experiences in big game country. Brian will make some comparisons to our own behaviours that will both surprise and captivate.

Penguins in Paradise

Brian has travelled to the Antarctic on some 14 expeditions since 2000, the largest wilderness on the planet. Using his informative and humorous method of live-narrated videos, you’ll feel as though you are part of the expedition, exploring this hauntingly beautiful ice scape.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

My wife and I not only summited Kilimanjaro (via a seldomly climbed route), but we ended up traversing it too! This program is designed to leave your audience with an entirely new outlook on high adventure and travel opportunities.

Life in the Hot Zone

Volcanoes tend to be hotbeds of interesting life forms in more ways than one would think! Much of the film Brian shot on these expeditions has been used on his “Discovery TV” program segments, but tonight’s live-narrated video and slides are fresh off the mountains! You’ll never look at a volcano the same again!

Flying Frogs in the Heart of Borneo

Flying frogs, gliding lizards, and monkeys with a banana-like nose? Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, travelled for a month deep into the heart of Borneo, searching for a wild time. And they weren’t disappointed.

Madagascar Magic

A spirit-lifting journey into one of the world’s most fascinating island habitats. He takes you in search of the primitive primates found only here: the “spirits of the forests,’ the lemurs. It’s an exciting visual presentation of discovery with some surprising comparisons of evolutionary interdependence!

It’s that Old Cat-Dog Thing

Brian has filmed the African Painted Dog, the wolf-equivalent wild dog of Africa, at their den sites, during their hunts, and on the kills. His travels have also led to some remarkable (and sometimes close) encounters with lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Brian will take you on a rare wilderness journey seldom witnessed.

Polar Possibilities: Adventures in Paradise

The Arctic is hot politically; it’s hot physically (or at least it’s warming); it’s hot militarily; and because of all this, it’s hot psychologically. We’ll hike through breathtaking landscapes of icy cold rivers, glaciers bulging from nearly every side valley, amongst the carpets of brilliant Arctic-alpine flowers, encountering beluga whales, musk ox, caribou, and polar bears. This is a celebration of our own Canadian Arctic.